Big 12 The Next Conference for Houston?

There is no doubt that the Houston Cougars belong in the conversation for Big 12 Expansion. Houston took a 5-0 record going into today’s game vs. Navy. Previously they have been able to beat some of the top powerhouses in college football. Of the teams they have beaten, Oklahoma and UCONN stand out.



However, despite all of the positive attention gained by Houston, schools might show a disinterest in adding a team that can quite possibly be at the top of the conference record wise.

Former University of Oklahoma (16 years) and Dallas Cowboys (4 years) head coach Barry Switzer says, “Me, if I had a chance to vote on them? Hell, no. I think it was a mistake to let TCU in and they proved it was a mistake.”

Will the Big 12 even choose to expand? That is also important in even factoring in Houston’s chances of getting in.

Author: Thomas Kenyon

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