Texans From Good to Bad to Ugly

Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler has put up acceptable numbers in his first couple games. Since then the numbers have lowered, considerably.


It all started with some very promising numbers. Brock Osweiler was making the big play.  He was putting up numbers well within the 200s in yards passing.

Will Fuller pulled down 100 plus receiving yards in those first two games against Chicago and Kansas City for 9 receptions.  DeAndre Hopkins had 12 receptions in those two games.

In the very next week, with the short turnaround, all of the above numbers dropped considerably.  The Texans go into Foxboro and put up a big fat goose egg.

Before the next game, head coach Bill O’Brien takes over as the official play caller for the Texans.

Going into the game against the Vikings with a little longer prep time, it’s Minnesota’s turn take a swing and the Texans take yet another punch from another good team.

The question remains to be seen if the Houston Texans can bounce back from bad losses against good teams.

One thing Brock has going for him in his early career as a Texans starting quarterback, the 2-minute drill.

That game against Indianapolis was a good start to a bounce-back.

Author: Thomas Kenyon

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