Finding a new way to go

In March of 2017, I make trips going back and fourth from Dallas/Houston and I had decided at this time to change up my route.  I normally take the straight through drive, more cut and dry, ecumenic, “boring”, easy.  The new way has me zigzagging through the Texas Hill Country or the border of it for sure. When I do this I get to see more of the Central Texas instead of nothingness.  The nothingness is not really bad,  but there are some really ugly segments along the I-45 Route especially when leaving the Dallas area. 

And yes, the new route takes more time and maybe a few extra miles that I consider going through all the extra steps is an investment in myself and my mental thinking. 

What I actually did: I Took a different way to go to Houston.  I drove through Waco and stopped to see the Magnolia market, you know the owners /creators as Chip and Joanna Gaines.  At this particular time I didn’t stop because I saw a line that looked extremely long and I had a dog with me, Luciano.  Plus parking was $10.  I stopped though this Czech stop for some Kolaches and common grounds by the Baylor Campus, my sister’s alma mater. Driving through the beginnings of hill country is something else besides the boring I-45. I will continue to do this as well. 

Enjoy the Journey, Trust and Love the process.


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