Natural Order of Things

Many of us try so very hard to implement the things that we want to see happen in our lives. For a little while now I have not been doing that. Let me explain.

Since 2010, I started a freelance job at FOX Sports Regional Networks. I would push a little for that full time position but everything that I cam across was necessary for the next things that I would encounter. If I were to jump into this role that I want, and that I think I need, I am setting myself up for failure. How you might ask? Baby steps. Don’t take big steps that stretches you too thin. It is okay with taking that extra step to push you the extra mile, but don’t take it to an extreme.

“Sit loosely in the saddle of life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

My rejections led me to join Toastmasters. My fear of editing in college led me to jumping into it learning the craft as a beginner. Now I really enjoy editing. I also learned so much about video delivery from satellite technologies to working with the internet. And I can sit here and say now that I know buttloads of editing techniques and there are still very much more other things than I know that I am learning.


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