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Astros Make big Splash, Acquire Zack Greinke at Trade Deadline

In this first year without Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline, the American League-leading Houston Astros landed a last-minute whopper. Fans and the media were glued to their Twitter feeds, but aside from bringing back Martín Maldonado, nothing was happening.

That is, until just two minutes before the 4:00 PM EST deadline. At 4:13 PM, MLB insider Ken Rosenthal announced the Astros’ big haul: “BREAKING: #Astros get Greinke.”

My reaction: “Whoa, Ken Rosenthal just dropped a bomb.”  

After a few seconds to process the impact, I joined fellow fans on Facebook posting about the insanity of what this trade means for our team.

On top of the stacked batting lineup in place, the Astros have added another Hall of Fame-caliber pitcher to an already stifling pitching rotation.  

Adam Wexler on SportsTalk 790 Radio said this: “The New Evil Empire is in Houston.”

And if these events were not crazy enough, the New York Yankees, who have been rising back to their old glory days, didn’t even make a move to keep up with Houston.

The MLB decided to cut the non-waiver Trade Deadline in 2019.  Without this weird deadline, teams have their postseason rosters all set once August and September hit, with no further moves allowed. In other words, no more second-chance deals like Houston’s acquisition of Justin Verlander from the Detroit Tigers on August 31, 2017.

In addition to acquiring Zack Greinke from the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Astros picked up Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini from the Toronto Blue Jays.


Me and Sports

There are two ways I can go when talking about why I love sports.

Sports have been what I have known as a job for the last nine years going on ten. I have been helping fan bases by getting video content out to them. Covering someone else’s team that they love to watch and follow and keeping the fan in mind other than myself.

I was able to do that because of my overall love of sports. Why does the Sports fan watch their team every year? Even when their team is not at the exact level with the rest of the competition, the sports fan will continue to watch for the unknown, the uncertainty, to be entertained. The sports fan might lack certain abilities and it is through sports that person can live out a fantasy.

Me, I played soccer for a little while growing up. I played YMCA basketball. I was on the freshmen basketball team in high school. I even had a moment (despite not being up to par with the rest of the students) where I scored (my only two points of the season/career) points in the season. It sure felt like I scored a goal in a hockey game (more like it) because I actually got the whole away venue (Westfield HS) cheering when it happened.

If you’re like me, you want those moments. Like my only points scored. Or maybe to be a leading scorer. Buzzer-beaters. For the competition.

That is why I love to watch sports. To see people grind it out for a cause that is MUCH bigger than themselves. I got that last little bit from the movie starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, “Fever Pitch”. Oh, and my favorite sport(s) are Baseball and Hockey in that order. Basketball is the other sport I pay more attention to other than the other two.

Natural Order of Things

Many of us try so very hard to implement the things that we want to see happen in our lives. For a little while now I have not been doing that. Let me explain.

Since 2010, I started a freelance job at FOX Sports Regional Networks. I would push a little for that full time position but everything that I cam across was necessary for the next things that I would encounter. If I were to jump into this role that I want, and that I think I need, I am setting myself up for failure. How you might ask? Baby steps. Don’t take big steps that stretches you too thin. It is okay with taking that extra step to push you the extra mile, but don’t take it to an extreme.

“Sit loosely in the saddle of life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

My rejections led me to join Toastmasters. My fear of editing in college led me to jumping into it learning the craft as a beginner. Now I really enjoy editing. I also learned so much about video delivery from satellite technologies to working with the internet. And I can sit here and say now that I know buttloads of editing techniques and there are still very much more other things than I know that I am learning.

Finding a new way to go

In March of 2017, I make trips going back and fourth from Dallas/Houston and I had decided at this time to change up my route.  I normally take the straight through drive, more cut and dry, ecumenic, “boring”, easy.  The new way has me zigzagging through the Texas Hill Country or the border of it for sure. When I do this I get to see more of the Central Texas instead of nothingness.  The nothingness is not really bad,  but there are some really ugly segments along the I-45 Route especially when leaving the Dallas area. 

And yes, the new route takes more time and maybe a few extra miles that I consider going through all the extra steps is an investment in myself and my mental thinking. 

What I actually did: I Took a different way to go to Houston.  I drove through Waco and stopped to see the Magnolia market, you know the owners /creators as Chip and Joanna Gaines.  At this particular time I didn’t stop because I saw a line that looked extremely long and I had a dog with me, Luciano.  Plus parking was $10.  I stopped though this Czech stop for some Kolaches and common grounds by the Baylor Campus, my sister’s alma mater. Driving through the beginnings of hill country is something else besides the boring I-45. I will continue to do this as well. 

Enjoy the Journey, Trust and Love the process.

My Stuttering Life Hosts Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T

I was answering the questions not asking them this time around!

Find the My Stuttering Life Podcast at www.mystutteringlife.com.

And Be sure to say hey to @MyStuttering on Twitter and @mystutteringlife on IG!


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This episode features a Gold Telly Award winner, Adam Taylor. Adam is in the commercial film industry working with clients to produce their 30 second spots for broadcast.

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Nicholas Rousseau Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T

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Joe Grisaffi Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T

Joe Grisaffi is a Houston Actor/Director.

He says “Finished is better than perfect.”



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