Keeping It Reel | In The Film World w/ Sweet T




I am a filmmaker.  You are a filmmaker. He is a filmmaker. She is a filmmaker.  

Can we all just get along and collaborate with each other. There is literally so many venues of creativity out in this world.  If you are one who believes that the story ideas are decreasing everyday, I got news for you, new ones are always on the horizon EACH DAY.

My vision and mission is to help you find her, or help her find you to use each other’s talents as a filmmaker in this world.

Filmmaking and the Film World is important, because with out it, we have no stories.

Think about it.

Without Filmmaking…

We have no documentaries to learn from..

We have no movies to kick back and relax to in the movie theatre or your home….

We have no news to hear about current events…

Let’s do the world a favor and keep creating… Keep finding new stories that need to be told.

Enjoy the Journey. Trust and Love the Process.

you know and I will do my best to get the answers for you in the ever changing film world.

Thomas Kenyon
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